Namfon Cutter Sends New Photos from Fishing Cat Land

Namfon is on the trail of the fishing cat again. She gave us special permission to post some of her latest photos, so you can follow the clues of the fishing cat too. One exciting bit of news, she’s found evidence of a new baby fishing cat in the area! Jo and I are busy … Continue reading

The fishing cat wants to know. Can you guess what’s in these envelopes?

NEW: Fishing cat mystery answer here. These rainbow adorned envelopes might look like something out of Carebears, but I assure you, their contents aren’t as sweet….or retro. What’s inside is very important though, and has to do with fishing cats. Take your pick of which one you think it is. We’ll tell you tomorrow which … Continue reading

Watch how people are saving fishing cats in the wild via Cincinnati Zoo

You’ve heard the adorable news about the new kittens at Columbus Zoo, now watch this short video to see what researchers are doing to try and save them in the wild. The video, produced by the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, includes work by Namfon Cutter, who we’ll be visiting in Thailand, and you can … Continue reading