Expedition Updates

The BIG DAY is set!

We leave Nov. 3, 2011 to begin the search for fishing cats in Thailand! Our tickets are booked. We have a place to stay, gear is arriving almost everyday and before we know it, we will be meeting up with Namfon in fishing cat country! Can’t believe the time has almost come to put all of this preparation, and your support into action. We look forward to bringing you dispatches from the field, so please stay tuned, and remember to check up on what the CAT in WATER is up to!

CAT in WATER Expedition is an official GO!

We are on our way! Thanks to all of the support we received, CAT in WATER got the Kickstart it needed to make our dream of an expedition a reality. With more than 120 backers, we’ve raised close to $11,000 total between the Kickstarter campaign and other donations.

There is still a lot to do though. What we’ve raised so far pretty much pays for the expense of travel and some of our gear while we’re in Thailand, but we still need to raise money to pay for post-production and some other equipment, such as a few camera traps! We’re not only hoping the c-traps will catch us some otherwise unattainable glimpses of fishing cats, but will aid Namfon Cutter’s research and outreach as well.

Check out the DONATE page if you want to help.
We don’t head abroad until November, so in the meantime, we’ll keep you up-to-date bout expedition prep, and everything we learn about the fishing cat world in our blog posts. Feel free to send us your questions or your favorite fishing cat pics that you’ve taken at the local zoo.

Your Pals,

Mo & Jo

Your pledges are now tax deductible!

Thanks to a sponsorship by the WILD Foundation, all donations are now tax deductible. That goes for everyone who’s already made a pledge too, as we don’t collect anything unless we reach the goal by our deadline.

We’re so grateful to the WILD Foundation who made it possible to offer this first of what he hope to be many rewards for your support.

Thank you very, very much all of you! Click here to dive in.

Mo and Jo

CAT in WATER Now Supported by ISEC Canada

We are honored to announce that we are now supported by the International Society for Endangered Cats (ISEC) Canada!

The ISEC’s support is especially meaningful to us as it re-affirms the importance of covering the endangered fishing cats of Thailand and of sharing their story with the world.

We hope our project and stories of the fishing cat will help further the ISEC Canada’s efforts to “aid in the wild conservation and captive preservation of endangered and threatened small wild cat species though education, scientific observation and support for captive breeding of critically endangered species.”

Follow ISEC Canada on Twitter @iseccanada to get the latest updates on their project and learn about cool species of cats like the Sand Cat!


We launched the CAT in WATER Kickstarter project today!

And now we need your help. Help us tell the story of the fishing cat by supporting our project and spreading the word. Every little bit helps us get one step closer to Thailand.

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