The fishing cat shares six travel tips you didn’t know about Thailand

Wat Chai Watthanaram, Ayutthaya Historical Park, central Thailand.

It’s easy to find the travel do’s and don’ts for going just about anywhere, but sometimes chatting with the folks who go before you can yield tips you wouldn’t otherwise think of. We’ve talked with a few friends, including a couple fishing cat caretakers who gave us their best Thai travel advice. Though don’t limit … Continue reading

The fishing cat says, “Screw thinking caps. Try on a Think Tank.”

Think Tank Logo

Thanks to our new gear sponsor Think Tank Photo, CAT in WATER feels even more official and expedition ready. We’re going to be putting some of their gear through the paces pre-trip and while jungle hopping in Thailand. We’ll post photos and review on CAT in WATER. But first up, no good sponsorship goes without … Continue reading

CAT in WATER has a flickr stream!

Wild Wonders, a set on Flickr. Everybody loves photos, and we’ve set up a CAT in WATER flickr stream on our blog. Our first set is from Mo’s recent visit to the WILD WONDERS Outdoor Theater at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Washington. The home of Sushi the fishing cat! You might remember … Continue reading

Books, books & more books

We stopped by the local public library and came back with a sky-high stack of books on Thailand.  We’ve got several hundred of pages to read now and are excited to learn even more about the land the fishing cat hails from! If you’ve traveled to Thailand recently and have travel tips or book recommendations to pass … Continue reading