The CAT in WATER girls need your help to stay out there looking for fishing cats.



Reasons to donate for the fishing cat:

  • They’re endangered
  • They’ve rarely been filmed or photographed
  • They like to go swimming. How quirky is that?
  • Scientists are just discovering all sorts of cool things about them, such as:
  • How they live
  • They might be important for controlling rodent-borne disease
  • Their care could help improve water sanitation
  • Their protection could help save mangrove forests, which protect shorelines and people from natural disaster.
  • People are killing them for medicine and revenge
  • They are a beautiful living thing, and we’d like to keep them that way.

Reasons to donate for the CAT in WATER girls

  • The jungle is tough on camera gear
  • And shoes
  • And clothes
  • And computers
  • Post-production takes manpower
  • And music rights
  • We want you to see the fruits of our labor
  • And your generosity
  • We can’t do this alone
  • But we can work wonders with your help

Thank you! Your contribution will keep this project and the fishing cat purring along!

The CAT in WATER girls, Jo and Mo.

Contribute online. It’s easy and tax deductible!


To donate online:

Click on The Wild Foundation.

To donate by check:

Make payable to The WILD Foundation, but put CAT in WATER in the memo line.

Send to:


1210 High St. Apt. 4

Boulder, CO 80304

We’re so grateful to The WILD Foundation who volunteered to be our fiscal sponsor for the project.WILD is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit dedicated to protecting wilderness and wildlife around the world. To learn more about the WILD vision, check out the WILD Foundation about page.

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