“CAT in WATER” is a multimedia expedition to track and document the elusive fishing cat, of which only about 10,000 remain in the world. This cat has been little documented in the wild, despite living close to villages. Biologists recently discovered a new population in Thailand, but these cats are mysteriously vanishing.

We embark on an in-depth reporting project to highlight the untold natural history, threats and unusual conservation potential of this endangered cat. Our goal is to collect the media assets for an interactive multimedia experience to share with you the life of the fishing cat, including videos, blogs, articles and podcasts. So far, National Geographic Magazine has supplied us with a letter of interest, and we’ve been in the field covering the cats for nearly two months!



Joanna Nasar

Jo and Thai friends Ruj and Lou Ow (Photo/Morgan Heim, CATinWATER)

Joanna (Jo) Nasar is a multimedia producer, videographer and writer who specializes in environmental projects.  Born with an unquenchable curiosity, Nasar can showcase both the complexity and beauty of the world through her work.

She has a Master’s in Journalism and Mass Communications with a Graduate Certificate in Environment, Policy and Society from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, which promotes quality, accuracy and visibility of environmental reporting.

Her work has appeared in local and national publications such as the Rocky Mountain News, American Cowboy and Backpacker. Nasar’s environmental reporting and documentation have taken her to natural gas rigs on the Roan Plateau and the peaks of 14,000 foot mountains. You can learn more about her and her work at joanna.nasar.com, Vimeo, and Twitter @JoJots.

Morgan Heim

Morgan on the peak of Khao Daeng (Photo/Joanna Nasar, CATinWATER)

Morgan (Mo) Heim is a Colorado-based multimedia journalist specializing in sharing the stories of science and environmental issues. An accredited zoologist turned science communicator, she splits her time working with non-profits, research institutes and magazines to help engage the public in wanting to understand our planet. Morgan subscribes to the belief that if you show people how amazing and interwoven the world is, they’ll care more about what happens to it.

In addition to being an Associate member of the International League of Conservation Photographers, her work appears in such outlets as Smithsonian, High Country News, the Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife, and the WILD Foundation. You can see more of her work at moheimphotography.com, The NatureFiles, Nature Needs Half and The Digital Naturalist.


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5 Responses to “About”

  1. I hope this video can be a way to help promote the fishing cat situation. I put the link to your web site in the video’s description. Best of luck with your project in Thailand!

    • catinwater says:

      Wow! Thanks for putting this video together Brian, and for sharing it as well as referencing our project. You rock! I hope this doesn’t sound condescending, but it made us proud! We will showcase this on our site as well. That’s right everyone, check where your yummy shrimp comes from. Oregon and Greenland brands are usually good choices.

  2. catinwater says:

    Thanks for the Reblog! We are honored. And don’t worry, after a long break, we have some new posts cued up.

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